Out-of-the-box Learning

Pre-designed programmes that bring the best out of your people


Having built our reputation on our bespoke consultancy, we’re delighted to introduce our new range of out-of-the-box learning. Designed to help employees and managers shine, these pre-designed workshops and programmes are practical evidence-based solutions that will build knowledge and skills.


Below you’ll find details of all our sessions, including:


• snappy 90 minute sessions on a focused topic
• thought-provoking half-day workshops
• full-day programmes focused on skills and practical tools
• a modular management skills series


To find out how our out-of-the-box learning works in practice, including our quality guarantee, click here.

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At my best

Maximising personal effectiveness

How many of the people in your organisation are thriving? How many days in a typical m...

Full Day
All Staff

Quality conversations

How to have conversations that make a difference

Quality conversations are at the heart of great management, but many ma...

Full Day

Engaging presentations

Maximise your impact on every audience

This session covers the building blocks of great presentations and offers expert ...

Full Day
All Staff

Coaching for performance

Good managers manage, great managers coach

This introduction to coaching gives delegates the chance to develop knowledge...

Full Day

Becoming a great mentor

How the best mentors do much more than just share their wisdom

This half-day workshop introduces the concept of mentorin...

Half Day

Strengths cards masterclass

Getting the most out of your strengths cards

A session specifically designed for trainers, coaches and anyone else who w...

Half Day
L&D Professionals

The emotionally intelligent manager

How great managers use emotion to bring the best out of others

Aimed at people managers, this session will introduce the...

Half Day

Giving feedback with impact

Turning feedback into a positive experience

The best managers can give feedback that has a tangible and positive impact ...

Half Day

Developing self-control

In a world full of temptations and distractions, willpower is more valuable than ever

Our ability to control our own tho...

Half Day
All Staff

Managing others through change

How a team responds to change is hugely influenced by their manager

Dealing with change is now a regular occurrence in m...

Half Day

Embracing change

We can learn how to deal with challenges in a constructive way

Helping staff to cope with change is important for their ...

Half Day
All Staff

Beating inbox addiction

Does email dominate in your organisation? Are employees permanently plugged-in, checking emails way after hours and at ...

90 mins
All Staff

Keep calm and manage your stress

Pressure of work and competing demands at home leave many people feeling the unwelcome effects of stress. This brief se...

90 mins
All Staff

Procrastination for non-beginners

Overcoming procrastination can be a challenge. But there are some simple techniques that can make a real difference. We...

90 mins
All Staff

The world’s greatest goals

Setting the right goals in the right way is essential for achieving potential.  This session will reveal the findings ...

90 mins

A winning mindset

Do the people in your organisation have the right mindset? What we pay attention to can have a direct impact on how we...

90 mins
All Staff

Manager Academy Series

A programme for new managers or those looking for a refresher

  A series of 6 modules, delivered as a mixture of...

Multi Session

Building a team to be proud of

How happy and engaged teams achieve more

Great teams are the foundation of a great organisation. This session will give ...

Full Day

Building on strengths

People who make good use of their strengths are more productive, more successful and experience higher levels of wellbe...

90 mins
All Staff

From coping to thriving

Building resilience and wellbeing is NOT about avoiding stress

Most people view stress as a threat to health and wellbei...

Half Day
All Staff