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Quality Conversations

Quality Conversations

How to have conversations that make a difference

Quality conversations are at the heart of great management, but many managers just don’t have the skills or confidence to shine in these situations. Whether it’s difficult conversations like sharing bad news or tackling poor performance, or more positive discussions around career development or motivation, managers are constantly needing to engage with others. By exploring the basic underpinning skills like listening and questioning, this session provides a solid introduction with plenty of opportunity for practice. Throughout the day we’ll also consider how taking a solutions-focused, appreciative or strengths-based approach can result in more positive outcomes.

All managers who feel they could be having better quality conversations with their staff.

  • A day of reflection, discussion and exploration of the art and science of quality conversations
  • Relatable content that they can apply to their own lives and experiences
  • Evidence-based tips and techniques based on the principles of positive psychology
  • A chance to get involved, work with their colleagues and immerse themselves in the ideas and techniques being shared
  • Opportunities to ask questions and properly reflect on the information being presented to make sure they leave the session feeling informed and empowered.

As occupational psychologists using positive psychology in our work, our workshops are solution-based and appreciative in nature.  In other words, our aim is to equip people with the confidence and skills they need by helping them to identify successful strategies that will work for them.

All of our sessions combine theory and practice.  Knowledge is power; by understanding a little of the research behind the ideas we share, delegates will be better equipped to make decisions about the tools and techniques that will work best for them.  There’s not a ‘one fit for all’ solution, so we demonstrate and discuss a range of tools within our sessions, empowering delegates to choose the options that work best for them.

  • A review of the types of conversations managers need to have with staff – how they differ, and what that means for managers
  • An exploration of how to structure different types of conversation
  • Tips and tools to facilitate high quality conversations in different contexts
  • How to give negative and positive feedback in a way that will make a difference
  • An introduction to solutions-focused and strengths-based approaches and their benefits
  • The principles and importance of building high quality connections
  • A review of and opportunity to practise basic skills such as questioning and listening
  • Conversation role-plays and real-time feedback

An enjoyable and valuable session, with a good balance of theory and practical application.

Mike H.


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