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Maintaining Wellbeing Through Change

Maintaining Wellbeing Through Change

Simple strategies to help you cope with the challenges that change brings

Whilst we may accept that change is a constant, knowing how to manage ourselves through change is a different matter. This session will explore the practical things we can all do to maintain our wellbeing and build our resilience, even when we can’t control the changes we are going through. We’ll look at how we think, how we feel and how we behave during times of change and introduce lots of useful tools to help individuals make the most of challenging circumstances.

Suitable for all staff who are about to experience or are currently experiencing change at work.

  • A morning or afternoon of practical, relatable content that they can take away and start using immediately
  • Evidence-based tips and techniques based on the principles of positive psychology
  • A chance to get involved, work with their colleagues and immerse themselves in the ideas and techniques being shared
  • Opportunities to ask questions and properly reflect on the information being presented to make sure they leave the session feeling informed and empowered.

As occupational psychologists using positive psychology in our work, our workshops are solution-based and appreciative in nature.  In other words, our aim is to equip people with the confidence and skills they need by helping them to identify successful strategies that will work for them.

All of our sessions combine theory and practice.  Knowledge is power; by understanding a little of the research behind the ideas we share, delegates will be better equipped to make decisions about the tools and techniques that will work best for them.  There’s not a ‘one fit for all’ solution, so we demonstrate and discuss a range of tools within our sessions, empowering delegates to choose the options that work best for them.

  • An introduction to how we can think about change in different ways and how that impacts on how we feel and respond
  • An examination of mindsets and their impact on our reactions to change
  • Techniques to challenge thinking patterns and mindsets when they are not being helpful
  • A review of the role of positive and negative emotions and how an appreciative focus can benefit wellbeing
  • Tips and tools to manage emotional wellbeing to build resilience
  • A look at the importance of our connections with others and how to build high quality relationships that are mutually beneficial during times of change
  • An opportunity to test out different tools and techniques that can help maintain wellbeing through current challenges and beyond

"Despite being entirely virtual it was well delivered and the group managed to build a great connection"

Kathryn C.


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