Bespoke Services

For when you need to get things just right

Looking for a solution that’s tailored to your needs? We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and then develop a programme that hits the spot.

So, what can we help you with?


Growing happy and engaged people

Let’s be clear, we can’t help you grow new colleagues in plant pots or test tubes!

But if your aim is to help people flourish, so they enjoy their work and deliver results, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

We will partner with you to develop programmes that take an appreciative approach, build confidence, challenge mindsets and cultivate valuable habits.

Talk to us if you want to…

  • Build resilience
  • Enhance wellbeing
  • Improve personal effectiveness
  • Capitalise on strengths
  • Help people develop a positive mindset


Developing inspiring and effective managers

According to one study, 60% of employees said they received no praise or encouragement at all from their manager. Apparently most managers don’t know the impact this has on engagement and productivity!

If you want your managers to have the skills and mindset to bring the best out of the people they lead, we’re here to help.  We’ll design and deliver a solution that fits your needs, whether that’s one-to-one coaching, facilitated training sessions, experiential development centres, or something else entirely.

Talk to us if you want to:

  • Enhance the quality of people management skills
  • Implement a strengths-based approach to management
  • Develop managers’ self-awareness
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Support your managers through change


Building positive and productive organisations

Do the systems, procedures and regular practices in your organisation help people to thrive?  Do they make it easier for managers to build high performing teams? What about the culture and climate, does that bring the best out of everyone?

If you’d like to take a more positive approach to organisational development, and build a culture where people can thrive, we’d be delighted to see how we can help.

Talk to us if you want to:

  • Explore what people love about working in your business
  • Ensure systems and processes (e.g. performance appraisals) bring the best out of people
  • Encourage a positive culture within your organisation

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