About Us

Our mission is to help people and organisations be at their best

At Work Positive we’re all about bringing the best out of people – mostly, but not exclusively, at work.

Using the principles of positive psychology and business psychology we work with organisations to design and deliver practical solutions to enable people and teams to flourish.  

We focus on building on strengths and learning from success; but that doesn’t mean we ignore weaknesses and mistakes.  It’s all about balance – where we put our attention, the questions we ask and making conscious decisions about how we choose to engage with the world around us.

If you’re looking to take a more strengths-based and appreciative approach in your organisation, our Out-of-the-box workshops and At My Best range of products are ready-made solutions designed to do just that.  Alternatively, if you’re looking for some consultancy support around how to build a culture where your people can really thrive, or you want a bespoke solution, we’re very happy to chat about how we might be able to help.

Leading our international team of psychologists, trainers and coaches are UK-based Directors Martin and Michele, both Chartered Psychologists with nearly 50 years of experience between them (no, they can’t believe they’re that old either!).

Meet our Founders

Michele Deeks

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Helping people to flourish is something Michele feels passionate about. Being a Chartered and Registered Psychologist means she has rather too many letters after her name (courtesy of the HCPC and BPS), but more importantly she has the knowledge, skills and experience to apply business psychology and positive psychology to bring the best out of people and organisations.

A founding director of Work Positive, Michele's typically pretty busy managing projects and running the business, though sometimes she can't resist the temptation to get directly involved in project delivery – seeing other people grow and develop is one of the best bits of the job!

Living in Birmingham with her husband and children, when she’s not spending time with family and friends, Michele can often be found swimming in a lake or river somewhere...

Martin Galpin

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Living in Oxfordshire with his wife and twin boys, Martin is one of the founding directors of Work Positive and has a passion for applying the principles of positive psychology in both consultancy work and product design.

A Registered Occupational Psychologist (HCPC), Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Martin is at his best when he has the opportunity to share ideas and innovate. His passion for the practical application of psychology has lead to the creation of tools such as the At My Best® Strengths Cards and spin-off ventures Woohooyoo and Deckhive.


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