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Maximising Your Wellbeing

Maximising Your Wellbeing

Strategies to be at your best more often

How many of the people in your organisation are thriving? How many days in a typical month are they performing at their best? How many of them even know how to maximise their effectiveness? Drawing on research from the new field of ‘positive psychology’ (the science of optimal functioning), this session introduces delegates to practical tools that will give them greater control over their own wellbeing and productivity. We will explore the value of managing energy (not just time) and uncover the psychology behind our willpower. Delegates will also take away practical tools that will help them manage their mindset as well as a FREE pack of At My Best® strengths cards.

Anyone who wants to be at their best more of the time – in other words, all of us!

As well as a set of At My Best® strengths cards, delegates will take away:

  • An understanding of what differentiates those people who are highly effective from those who aren’t
  • Some quick tips to help them to be more effective ‘in the moment’
  • A toolkit of techniques for helping them to manage wellbeing more effectively
  • Clear guidance on how to develop habits that will help them to maximise their personal effectiveness and enable them to flourish


  • A pragmatic look at some of the research evidence around what makes us flourish

  • Looking after your physical health – the role of diet, exercise and sleep

  • Psychological wellbeing – understanding how our thinking processes and emotional state impact on our wider and longer term health and performance

  • The importance of purpose and meaning – how ‘bigger than self’ goals make a real difference to our personal effectiveness

  • Practical exercises to build willpower and manage your mindset

  • Techniques for managing emotional wellbeing

  • A practical examination of personal values and strengths and how those link to wellbeing and performance

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Session Price

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