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A Winning Mindset

A Winning Mindset

Building healthy habits to manage the way you think

Do the people in your organisation have the right mindset? What we pay attention to can have a direct impact on how we feel and what we achieve. This session will introduce individuals to simple techniques that will help them to feel better and achieve more.

Suitable for all staff.  Can be a particularly useful session to kick start a change in climate around how people think about and approach projects or tasks.

  • An understanding of how thinking patterns and emotions can influence behaviours and outcomes

  • An insight into the benefits of a growth mindset and some tips on how to cultivate a growth-focused thinking style

  • Some techniques to encourage an appreciative-focused approach

  • A number of tools to help them to gain control and change the way they think and feel

  • A brief overview of the psychology behind developing a winning mindset

  • The concepts of fixed and growth mindsets and how to shift your mindset to one that will enable you to achieve more

  • The role our emotions play in influencing our outlook and performance

  • The opportunity to try out some tools and techniques that help to manage emotions and focus our attention

“Very interesting and inspiring to think differently"

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    Session Length

    90 mins

    Session Size

    Up to 15 delegates

    Session Price

    In-person £1725
    Virtual £1425
    (from £95 per delegate)