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Leading Change Positively

Leading Change Positively

As a leader you can influence how others see change

Workplace change is constant and complex. It is essential that those in leadership and management roles understand how they impact on others’ perceptions and responses to change. Knowing how our own behaviour influences others, and appreciating the role of emotions and mindset in our responses to different situations, will help anyone supporting others through change to have a positive impact. This practical workshop will provide delegates with knowledge, skills and practical tools they can use to successfully navigate others through change.

This session can be combined with ‘Maintaining Wellbeing Through Change’ to make a full day workshop looking at how delegates manage their own wellbeing and also support others.

Suitable for all managers supporting others through change.

  • An insight into how our thinking around change can influence emotions and behaviours

  • An understanding of the role managers can play in shaping others’ experience of organisational change

  • Tips for communicating effectively to others during change

  • Tools and techniques to support individuals during the change initiative

  • Tools and techniques to create a supportive team climate during the change initiative and beyond

  • An introduction into how people typically perceive change and how that impacts on their emotional reactions and behaviours
  • The role managers play in influencing their team’s experience of organisational change
  • The key skills managers need to communicate to and support others through change
  • The importance of managing emotions and creating a positive climate
  • Ways to challenge mindsets around change to benefit performance and wellbeing
  • How to strengthen relationships to build resilience to change.

Personalised input for your delegates

Maximise the value of this workshop by adding one-to-one coaching sessions for each person that attends. 

Ask us for details.



Other sessions to consider...

Session Length

Half Day

Session Size

Up to 15 delegates

Session Price

In-person £2100
Online £1800
(from £120 per delegate)