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Leading Change Positively

Leading Change Positively

As a leader you can influence how others see change

Workplace change is constant and complex. The success of any change initiative is hugely dependant on emotional engagement, not just rational understanding. When leaders and managers understand the psychology of change, and how they themselves impact others’ perceptions and responses, they are better able to support people through change and positively impact the outcome.

This practical workshop will provide delegates with knowledge, skills and practical tools they can use to successfully lead others through change. With an understanding of how emotions and mindset affect people’s behaviour, they’ll be better equipped to manage the human side of change – something that is often missed, yet so important.

This session works well in combination with ‘Maintaining Wellbeing Through Change’, which is suitable for all staff.

Suitable for all managers supporting others through change.

  • A morning or afternoon of practical, relatable content that they can take away and start using immediately
  • Evidence-based tips and techniques based on the principles of positive psychology
  • A chance to get involved, work with their colleagues and immerse themselves in the ideas and techniques being shared
  • Opportunities to ask questions and properly reflect on the information being presented to make sure they leave the session feeling informed and empowered.

As occupational psychologists using positive psychology in our work, our workshops are solution-based and appreciative in nature.  In other words, our aim is to equip people with the confidence and skills they need by helping them to identify successful strategies that will work for them.

All of our sessions combine theory and practice.  Knowledge is power; by understanding a little of the research behind the ideas we share, delegates will be better equipped to make decisions about the tools and techniques that will work best for them.  There’s not a ‘one fit for all’ solution, so we demonstrate and discuss a range of tools within our sessions, empowering delegates to choose the options that work best for them.

  • An introduction into how people typically perceive change and how that impacts on their emotional reactions and behaviours
  • The role managers play in influencing their team’s experience of organisational change
  • Tips for communicating effectively to others during change
  • The importance of managing emotions and creating a positive climate
  • Tools and techniques to support individuals during the change initiative
  • Tools and techniques to create a supportive team climate during the change initiative and beyond

Really made me think differently about how to make change work - thank you!

Sally D.

Team Leader

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