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Making the Most of Strengths

Making the Most of Strengths

A practical workshop to help managers help others to flourish

According to recent research, people who use their strengths most are 15 times more likely to be flourishing than those that use them least.  Despite these benefits, many people aren’t even sure what their strengths are. Designed by our team of psychologists, this introductory session has been created to help increase delegates’ self-awareness, so that they can be at their best even more often.

This session is appropriate for all staff. It is a particularly useful introduction for managers or people professionals who are looking to bring the best out of others.

We also offer a tailored version of this session for teams.

  • A morning or afternoon of practical, relatable content that they can take away and start using immediately
  • Evidence-based tips and techniques based on the principles of positive psychology
  • A chance to get involved, work with their colleagues and immerse themselves in the ideas and techniques being shared
  • Opportunities to ask questions and properly reflect on the information being presented to make sure they leave the session feeling informed and empowered.

As occupational psychologists using positive psychology in our work, our workshops are solution-based and appreciative in nature.  In other words, our aim is to equip people with the confidence and skills they need by helping them to identify successful strategies that will work for them.

All of our sessions combine theory and practice.  Knowledge is power; by understanding a little of the research behind the ideas we share, delegates will be better equipped to make decisions about the tools and techniques that will work best for them.  There’s not a ‘one fit for all’ solution, so we demonstrate and discuss a range of tools within our sessions, empowering delegates to choose the options that work best for them.

  • An introduction to positive psychology and the factors that enable people and organisations to flourish
  • A brief summary of the key research
  • An understanding of why focusing on what’s working  is sometimes better than trying to fix problems
  • Practical exercises to help delegates identify their strengths (using the At My Best® Strengths Cards)
  • Techniques for taking an appreciative approach to work
  • How to use ‘job crafting’ to make the most of your strengths

"The workshop has really given me more confidence - I was astounded at the array of strengths which people saw in me"

Sarah E.

Workshop delegate

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