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The Art of Bouncing Forward

The Art of Bouncing Forward

Practical ways to build your resilience

Stuff happens. Life is full of challenges – both expected and unexpected. Whilst many of us strive simply to keep our head above water, it is possible to thrive through adversity. The question is, how? This session is packed full of practical ideas of how to cope better when things are tough.

·       90 mins of practical, relatable content that they can take away and start using immediately

·       Evidence-based tips and techniques based on the principles of positive psychology

·       A chance to get involved, ask questions and try out the ideas and techniques that are shared.

As occupational psychologists using positive psychology in our work, our workshops are solution-based and appreciative in nature.  In other words, our aim is to equip people with the confidence and skills they need by helping them to identify successful strategies that will work for them.

All of our sessions combine theory and practice.  Knowledge is power; by understanding a little of the research behind the ideas we share, delegates will be better equipped to make decisions about the tools and techniques that will work best for them.  There’s not a ‘one fit for all’ solution, so we demonstrate and discuss a range of tools within our sessions, empowering delegates to choose the options that work best for them.

Stress and resilience are big topics that we could talk about all day! This session is an ‘edited highlights’ of the most useful bits to know about when you are trying to cope ‘in the moment’.  We’ll cover:

·       The psychology and physiology of stress – If you understand how you are affected by stress you can better equip yourself to deal with it.

·       Managing your mindset – a quick dive into how changing your thinking patterns can positively impact on your resilience

·       Thinking strategies – an exploration and opportunity to try out some easy to learn techniques that anyone can use in the moment to manage their mindset

·       The role of emotion – a look at how our emotions contribute to our ability to cope

·       Recognising and responding to our feelings – tips and techniques to help to regulate emotions and the impact they have on behaviour.

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