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Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership

Practical ways to bring the best out of others

Exceptional performance is something that leaders typically aspire to.  But the reality for many is that they spend most of their time minimising mistakes and dealing with deficit.  The challenge then is to shift the focus towards what is working well, so that we can replicate it while bringing the best out of people.

By studying exceptional organisations and teams, psychologists have identified key strategies for creating a flourishing work environment that enables others to be at their best.  This one day workshop will explore a number of those strategies and bring them to life for delegates with stories and practical tools that they can take away and implement within their own teams.

Leaders and managers looking to create a working environment that enables everyone to flourish.

  • Awareness of the key principles of positive psychology and how those apply to leadership
  • Understanding of how to hold strengths-based performance conversations with team members
  • Tools and techniques to build a positive team climate 
  • An awareness of their own personal strengths and some ideas for how they might make best use of those to benefit their leadership style
  • An introduction to positive psychology and positive organisational scholarship, and the evidence of their value in leadership
  • The science of strengths and the benefits strengths-based performance conversations for leadership and management
  • The importance of meaning and purpose in creating a positive team and organisational climate
  • How to use positive communication and positive emotion to motivate and engage others
  • Lots of practical examples, tools and techniques to bring concepts to life and for delegates to take back to the work place.



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Session Length

Full Day

Session Size

Up to 15 delegates

Session Price

£2250 per session
Only £150 per delegate