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Leading Gratefully

Leading Gratefully

Simple ways to show appreciation through your leadership

The number one reason that employees leave their job is a lack of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Very often, managers do actually appreciate their people – they’re just not sure how best to show it. This session will help leaders to understand the value of gratitude and appreciation, and help them unlock its potential.

This short session is suitable for all managers who want to create a more positive environment to bring the best out of their people.

  • An appreciation of the benefits that gratitude and appreciation can bring for individuals and organisations

  • An understanding of what makes people feel appreciated

  • Practical ideas for building gratitude and appreciation into their management routines
  • The benefits of gratitude and appreciation, according to the latest research

  • How to improve wellbeing through intentional gratitude
  • The role that managers play in creating an appreciative culture

  • Exploring simple, practical ways to build an appreciative culture in teams




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Session Length

90 mins

Session Size

Up to 20 delegates

Session Price

From £750 per session
From £37.50 per delegate