Energized by helping people realize their full potential, Julie is passionate about bringing positivity to her client work.  An experienced Organizational Psychologist, with over 25 years of experience, she has spent her career in the leadership development arena, principally focusing on the assessment and development of talented individuals in organizations spanning a multitude of diverse industries. Helping people understand the unique gifts they bring, Julie has been instrumental in helping her clients strategically craft their careers.  Focusing on highlighting and leveraging strengths, as well as identifying areas of development, Julie partners with individuals to create pathways that will help build the skills they need to succeed.  Focused on bringing the best out of people, she has helped her client organizations by offering solutions that will support critical business objectives. Julie has, throughout her career, designed, executed and facilitated a wide range of innovative, engaging, high profile training initiatives all with one ultimate objective in mind – to positively stimulate, energize and motivate people to reach the levels of success they desire.