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The Art of Bouncing Back

The Art of Bouncing Back

Practical ways to build your resilience

The fast-paced modern world often tests our resilience. Whether it’s pressure of work, health concerns or the constant challenge of managing family logistics, we all have things that push us to the limit and wear us down. If we can learn to be just a little more resilient then we will bounce back from these challenges more quickly and more strongly.

This short introductory workshop will explore the nature of resilience and give delegates practical tools that will help them cope better with pressure. It will be fast-paced and interactive, while also encouraging some personal reflection.

For a more in-depth workshop on this topic, take a look at our half-day session Becoming Resilient.

  • An understanding of what resilience is, what it isn’t and why it’s important

  • Increased confidence in their own capacity for resilience

  • Easy to use tools and techniques that will help them bounce back more successfully in the future

  • The nature of stress, pressure and resilience

  • Analysis of the strengths and resources that have helped delegates bounce back from challenges in the past

  • The impact that mindset has on our stress response

  • Practical strategies for coping with stressful situations, including mindfulness, reframing and taking an appreciative focus



Other sessions to consider...

Session Length

90 mins

Session Size

Up to 15 delegates

Session Price

In-person £1725
Online £1425
(from £95 per delegate)