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Flourishing at Work

Flourishing at Work

Practical ways to help you be your best self

Introducing the science of human flourishing, this interactive, engaging workshop will look at how we can better manage ourselves to maintain and build our wellbeing.

We will explore the nature of resilience and give delegates practical tools that will help them cope better with pressure and build wellbeing for the longer term. It will be fast-paced and interactive, while also encouraging some personal reflection.

This session is suitable for everyone.  

  • An understanding of what wellbeing is, what it isn’t and why it’s important

  • Increased awareness the practical steps they can take to both maintain and build their wellbeing
  • Easy to use tools and techniques that will help them to flourish at work and in their lives more generally

  • Defining wellbeing

  • Introducing the PERMA(H) model of wellbeing

  • Analysis of the strengths and resources that have helped delegates manage their wellbeing in the past

  • Practical strategies to help to maintain and build wellbeing, including mindfulness, reframing and taking an appreciative focus

"There has continued to be 'water-cooler' chat about the techniques and tools that can be practiced, which is a great sign that your message was clearly and well received by staff "

Jim Martin, Scottish Ombudsman

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