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Manager Academy Series

Manager Academy Series

A programme for new managers or those looking for a refresher


A series of 6 modules, delivered as a mixture of full day and half day workshops, covering the key skills of management:

  • You as a manager (1 day)
  • Employee Engagement and Performance Management (0.5 day)
  • Energy, Wellbeing and Resilience (0.5 day)
  • Coaching Skills (1 day)
  • Having a Broader Influence (0.5 day)
  • Continuous Development (0.5 day)

Ideal for new managers or those who want to refresh their people management skills.

  • A better understanding of their role as managers and the skills they need to develop

  • Greater self-awareness of their management skills and how they can build on their strengths to be more effective managers

  • Tools and techniques relating to each of the key topics covered

  • A clear action plan for furthering the development of their management skills

6 individual sessions, typically scheduled around a month apart.

  • You as a manager (1 day)

    • The characteristics of a great manager

    • The leadership pipeline and career transition points

    • Personal management skills (e.g. prioritisation and delegation)

    • Understanding ‘people styles’ and flexing management style to suit

    • Recognising personal strengths and weaknesses


  • Employee Engagement and Performance Management (0.5 day)

    • The critical role of manager in employee engagement and motivation

    • The challenges of performance management

    • Effective goal setting

    • Personal development planning


  • Energy, Wellbeing and Resilience (0.5 day)

    • The four types of energy management

    • Effective strategies for managing stress and building resilience

    • Strategies to enhance wellbeing of self and others


  • Coaching Skills (1 day)

    • The advantages of a coaching style

    • Understanding the skills of a great coach

    • Coaching skills practice

    • Giving feedback

    • Managing conflict


  • Having a Broader Influence (0.5 day)

    • Managing in context

    • The key skills of communication and influence

    • Managing change


  • Continuous Development (0.5 day)

    • Review of the programme

    • Applying the key lessons (case study)

    • Planning for ongoing development

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Other sessions to consider...

Session Length

Multi Session

Session Size

Up to 15 Delegates per cohort

Session Price

Only £11250 per cohort
Only £750 per delegate