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Keep Calm and Manage Your Stress

Keep calm and manage your stress

Pressure of work and competing demands at home leave many people feeling the unwelcome effects of stress. This brief session will help delegates to explore their own stress reaction and give them tools to promote inner calm.

Suitable for all staff.  Can be a helpful team session for staff who regularly work under pressure or are about to experience a particularly stressful working period.

  • An understanding of how stress impacts on our wellbeing and performance

  • An insight into the key concepts that can help us all to manage our stress more effectively

  • Some easy to use tools and techniques to help to manage stress effectively

  • An introduction to the latest thinking around stress and how we can best manage it

  • A review of stress in the context of Covey’s circle of influence, looking at where we focus our attention

  • The role of thinking patterns and mindset in stress management

  • Some tools and techniques to help to manage thinking patterns and mindset – including mindfulness, reframing and taking an appreciative focus

  • Quick tips for managing wellbeing more broadly



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Session Length

90 mins

Session Size

Up to 20 delegates

Session Price

From £750 per session
From £38 per delegate