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Beating Inbox Addiction

Beating inbox addiction

Does email dominate in your organisation? Are employees permanently plugged-in, checking emails way after hours and at weekends? Support staff by providing them with this short session where they can learn how to get the balance right, refocus their priorities and move beyond the email addiction.

Suitable for anyone who feels that email is having a detrimental impact on their wellbeing and performance.

  • An understanding of how technology impacts on performance and wellbeing

  • Knowledge of how to help their self control by managing their environment

  • A set of personal rules to help them to manage their inbox more effectively

  • Tips to use to focus more readily and avoid distractions

  • Techniques to create an organisational/team climate that promotes a healthy and realistic approach to email and technology

  • The latest research showing the impact of email on our productivity and relationships

  • The role willpower and personal responsibility play in how we relate to technology

  • Insight into how organisational and social norms impact on our relationship with our inbox

  • Practical tools to help delegates to manage the expectations of others around email etiquette

  • Ways to manage the immediate working environment to support a healthy use of technology

  • Action planning – immediate steps to take after the session



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Session Length

90 mins

Session Size

Up to 20 delegates

Session Price

From £750 per session
From £38 per delegate