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Engaging Presentations

Engaging presentations

Maximise your impact on every audience

This session covers the building blocks of great presentations and offers expert input that will help delegates give confident and authentic presentations. We will cover the basic principles of presenting – what to say, what to do and what visual aids to use – while also helping each individual to explore the best style and approach for them. While there’s a lot of good ‘technical’ advice around, we believe the key to a great presentation is finding your own style and using your strengths and passions to best effect. Much of the day will be spent giving delegates the opportunity to practice, gather feedback and then practice again.

This session requires delegates to prepare an example presentation in advance.

All staff new to presenting or those who haven’t previously had the opportunity to hone their presentation skills.

  • A thorough understanding of the key elements of writing and delivering great presentations

  • Greater awareness of their presentation style and how they can build on their strengths to best effect

  • Knowledge of how to tailor their presentations to particular situations and audiences

  • A personal ‘roadmap’ to follow when developing future presentations

  • Practical steps for constructing a presentation that is engaging and impactful

  • How to use visual prompts (including powerpoint) to best effect

  • An exploration of how your voice, words and body language impact on your message

  • Identification of personal strengths and how to use them to benefit how you present

  • Lots of real-time practice with personalised feedback

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