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The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

How great managers use emotion to bring the best out of others

Aimed at people managers, this session will introduce the science behind our emotions and the useful functions they serve. We will explore the skills that emotionally intelligent managers use, with delegates having the chance to put them into practice and consider how they can use them back in the workplace to maximise the effectiveness of their own team.

Suitable for all managers, but particularly those who are keen to improve their personal impact and relationships.

  • An understanding of what emotional intelligence is – and what it isn’t

  • Knowledge of Goleman’s 4 stage model of Emotional Intelligence

  • A practical awareness of the skills and attributes of effective Emotional Intelligence

  • Insight into how to foster a climate of positive Emotional Intelligence in their teams

  • An introduction to emotional intelligence and its benefits

  • How different emotions impact on our performance and wellbeing

  • An examination of Goleman’s four stage model of emotional intelligence:

    • Self-awareness – how well we understand ourselves and our own emotional reactions

    • Self-management – how we express our emotions in an appropriate way

    • Awareness of Others  – how attuned we are to others’ emotional states

    • Relationship Management – how we manage our interactions with others and create a positive team climate

  • A range of practical steps and tips that individuals can use to develop their EI and build a climate of positive Emotional Intelligence.

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