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Giving Feedback with Impact

Giving Feedback with Impact

Turning feedback into a positive experience

The best managers can give feedback that has a tangible and positive impact on the recipient, but how do they do it? This session will explore the role of positive and negative feedback in people’s development, giving delegates practical guidance on what to say, how to say it and when to do it.

Suitable for all managers, particularly those who have a role in managing or developing others.

  • An understanding of when and where to give feedback

  • Knowledge of how to deliver both positive and negative feedback messages to best effect

  • A structure to use when planning feedback conversations

  • Tips to use ‘in the moment’ to help to make sure that recipients receive and process the feedback in a constructive and beneficial way

  • When feedback adds value – and when it doesn’t

  • The practicalities of feedback conversations –  such as where and when they should take place

  • Giving feedback that has a positive benefit – how to structure the conversation and choose the right words

  • Positive and negative feedback – the similarities and differences in how you deliver the message

  • The fallout from feedback – reflecting on how people might react to feedback and how to manage and support them through that

  • Practise in delivering feedback conversations in different contexts

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