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From Coping to Thriving

From coping to thriving

Building resilience and wellbeing is NOT about avoiding stress

Most people view stress as a threat to health and wellbeing, but the latest research suggests that changing how we think about stress can actually make us happier, healthier and more productive. This workshop will explore the evidence and give delegates the tools to use their stress response to their advantage.

Any staff who are feeling a little stressed out!

  • An understanding of what resilience is and how it can be developed

  • Tools and techniques to use ‘in the moment’ when stress levels are rising

  • Longer term strategies to manage wellbeing and build resilience levels over time

  • An introduction to resilience as a developable skill

  • Exploration of the role of emotions in building mental toughness

  • The role of thinking patterns in managing stress

  • Exercises and techniques for managing emotion and changing mindset

  • The ‘five ways to wellbeing’ and how to develop associated skills

"There has continued to be 'water-cooler' chat about the techniques and tools that can be practiced, which is a great sign that your message was clearly and well received by staff "

Jim Martin, Scottish Ombudsman

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Half Day

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Up to 15 delegates

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