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Becoming Resilient

Becoming Resilient

When we know how, we can cope with stress and challenges better

Pressure of work and competing demands at home leave many of us feeling stressed and worn out.  How we deal with the challenges we encounter can have significant implications for our health, happiness and effectiveness.  Fortunately, research shows that resilience is something we can develop.

This half-day workshop will explore the nature of resilience and introduce practical tools that will help delegates cope better with pressure and adversity.  It will offer valuable insights into how our emotions, thoughts and actions impact our ability to cope and bounce back.

The session will be interactive and include plenty of opportunity for discussion and self-reflection.

This session is suitable for everyone.  It may be particularly helpful as a team session for those who regularly work under pressure or are about to experience a particularly stressful working period.

  • A greater appreciation of their own resilience and the personal resources they have available

  • An understanding of the latest thinking around resilience and how it can be developed

  • Tools and techniques to manage their thoughts and emotions ‘in the moment’ when their resilience is being tested

  • Practical strategies to manage their wellbeing and increase their resilience over the longer term

  • A plan for how to build their resilience ahead of their next anticipated challenge (e.g. major life transition)

  • An exploration of what it means to be ‘emotionally resilient’

  • A personal review of the existing strengths and resources that delegates have available to them 

  • The critical role of mindset, thinking patterns and positive emotions

  • Practical strategies for coping with stressful situations in the moment

  • The core elements of psychological wellbeing and how they cultivate resilience

"There has continued to be 'water-cooler' chat about the techniques and tools that can be practiced, which is a great sign that your message was clearly and well received by staff "

Jim Martin, Scottish Ombudsman

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